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Added Idan to committers.txt. Wahoo!

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.. _Whiskey Media:
+`Idan Gazit`_
+ As a self-professed design geek, Idan was initially attracted to Django
+ sometime between magic-removal and queryset-refactor. Formally trained
+ as a software engineer, Idan straddles the worlds of design and code,
+ jack of two trades and master of none. He is passionate about usability
+ and finding novel ways to extract meaning from data, and is a longtime
+ photographer_.
+ Idan previously accepted freelance work under the Pixane_ imprint, but
+ now splits his days between his startup, Skills_, and beautifying all
+ things Django and Python.
+.. _Idan Gazit:
+.. _photographer:
+.. _Pixane:
+.. _Skills:

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