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Fixed template_tests so discovery doesn't directly find tests that re…

…quire setuptools.
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1 parent 56e777e commit 6d968317698b99115be2652a9e2e41adc3a28e79 @prestontimmons prestontimmons committed with carljm Apr 6, 2013
0 tests/template_tests/ → tests/template_tests/
File renamed without changes.
2 tests/template_tests/
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
SimpleTemplateResponseTest, CustomURLConfTest)
- from .test_loaders import RenderToStringTest, EggLoaderTest
+ from .loaders import RenderToStringTest, EggLoaderTest
except ImportError as e:
if "pkg_resources" in e.args[0]:
pass # If setuptools isn't installed, that's fine. Just move on.

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