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Reverted r17577 because it's actually possible to use a time zone tha…

…t isn't the system time zone without pytz, thanks to the TZ environment variable.

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@@ -2110,12 +2110,6 @@ environment variable under the following conditions:
If Django doesn't set the ``TZ`` environment variable, it's up to you
to ensure your processes are running in the correct environment.
-.. note::
- When time zone support is enabled (:setting:`USE_TZ = True <USE_TZ>`),
- Django needs a definition of the default time zone. Therefore, you must
- either install pytz_ (which is recommended) or set :setting:`TIME_ZONE`
- to the system time zone.
.. note::
Django cannot reliably use alternate time zones in a Windows environment.
If you're running Django on Windows, :setting:`TIME_ZONE` must be set to

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