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Added guidelines for reporting UI-related bugs & feature requests.

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go-public date. This will probably mean a new release of Django, but
in some cases it may simply be patches against current releases.
+Reporting user interface bugs and features
+If your bug or feature request touches on anything visual in nature, there
+are a few additional guidelines to follow:
+ * Include screenshots in your ticket which are the visual equivalent of a
+ minimal testcase. Show off the issue, not the crazy customizations
+ you've made to your browser.
+ * If the issue is difficult to show off using a still image, consider
+ capturing a *brief* screencast. If your software permits it, capture only
+ the relevant area of the screen.
+ * If you're offering a patch which changes the look or behavior of Django's
+ UI, you **must** attach before *and* after screenshots/screencasts.
+ Tickets lacking these are difficult for triagers and core developers to
+ assess quickly.
+ * Screenshots don't absolve you of other good reporting practices. Make sure
+ to include URLs, code snippets, and step-by-step instructions on how to
+ reproduce the behavior visible in the screenshots.
+ * Make sure to set the UI/UX flag on the ticket so interested parties can
+ find your ticket.
Requesting features

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