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[1.6.x] Fixed #21094 -- Updated reuseable apps tutorial to use pip fo…

…r installation.

Thanks ylb415 at for the suggestion.

Backport of e4aab1b from master
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22 docs/intro/reusable-apps.txt
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ Installing some prerequisites
The current state of Python packaging is a bit muddled with various tools. For
this tutorial, we're going to use distribute_ to build our package. It's a
community-maintained fork of the older ``setuptools`` project. We'll also be
-using `pip`_ to uninstall it after we're finished. You should install these
+using `pip`_ to install and uninstall it. You should install these
two packages now. If you need help, you can refer to :ref:`how to install
Django with pip<installing-official-release>`. You can install ``distribute``
the same way.
@@ -263,28 +263,18 @@ working. We'll now fix this by installing our new ``django-polls`` package.
tools that run as that user, so ``virtualenv`` is a more robust solution
(see below).
-1. Inside ``django-polls/dist``, untar the new package
- ``django-polls-0.1.tar.gz`` (e.g. ``tar xzvf django-polls-0.1.tar.gz``). If
- you're using Windows, you can download the command-line tool bsdtar_ to do
- this, or you can use a GUI-based tool such as 7-zip_.
-2. Change into the directory created in step 1 (e.g. ``cd django-polls-0.1``).
+1. To install the package, use pip (you already :ref:`installed it
+ <installing-reusable-apps-prerequisites>`, right?)::
-3. If you're using GNU/Linux, Mac OS X or some other flavor of Unix, enter the
- command ``python install --user`` at the shell prompt. If you're
- using Windows, start up a command shell and run the command
- `` install --user``.
+ pip install --user django-polls/dist/django-polls-0.1.tar.gz
- With luck, your Django project should now work correctly again. Run the
+2. With luck, your Django project should now work correctly again. Run the
server again to confirm this.
-4. To uninstall the package, use pip (you already :ref:`installed it
- <installing-reusable-apps-prerequisites>`, right?)::
+3. To uninstall the package, use pip::
pip uninstall django-polls
-.. _bsdtar:
-.. _7-zip:
.. _pip:
Publishing your app

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