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Fixed #13307 -- Enhanced the generic inlines documentation by mention…

…ing the concrete Generic{Tabular,Stacked}Inline classes that should be used. Thanks loki77 for the report.

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@@ -1364,6 +1364,8 @@ Finally, register your ``Person`` and ``Group`` models with the admin site::
Now your admin site is set up to edit ``Membership`` objects inline from
either the ``Person`` or the ``Group`` detail pages.
+.. _using-generic-relations-as-an-inline:
Using generic relations as an inline
@@ -1380,9 +1382,12 @@ you have the following models::
name = models.CharField(max_length=100)
If you want to allow editing and creating ``Image`` instance on the ``Product``
-add/change views you can simply use ``GenericInlineModelAdmin`` provided by
-``django.contrib.contenttypes.generic``. In your ```` for this
-example app::
+add/change views you can use ``GenericTabularInline`` or
+``GenericStackedInline`` (both subclasses of ``GenericInlineModelAdmin``)
+provided by ``django.contrib.contenttypes.generic``, they implement tabular and
+stacked visual layouts for the forms representing the inline objects
+respectively just like their non-generic counterparts and behave just like any
+other inline. In your ```` for this example app::
from django.contrib import admin
from django.contrib.contenttypes import generic
@@ -1399,10 +1404,8 @@ example app::, ProductAdmin)
-``django.contrib.contenttypes.generic`` provides both a ``GenericTabularInline``
-and ``GenericStackedInline`` and behave just like any other inline. See the
-:doc:`contenttypes documentation </ref/contrib/contenttypes>` for more specific
+See the :doc:`contenttypes documentation </ref/contrib/contenttypes>` for more
+specific information.
Overriding Admin Templates
@@ -369,12 +369,15 @@ relations, you'll need to calculate them without using the aggregation API.
Generic relations in forms and admin
-:mod:`django.contrib.contenttypes.generic` provides both a
-and :class:`~django.contrib.contenttypes.generic.GenericInlineModelAdmin`.
+:mod:`django.contrib.contenttypes.generic` provides
+and :class:`~django.contrib.contenttypes.generic.GenericStackedInline`
+(the last two subclasses of :class:`~django.contrib.contenttypes.generic.GenericInlineModelAdmin`).
This enables the use of generic relations in forms and the admin. See the
:doc:`model formset </topics/forms/modelforms>` and
-:doc:`admin </ref/contrib/admin/index>` documentation for more information.
+:ref:`admin <using-generic-relations-as-an-inline>` documentation for more
.. class:: generic.GenericInlineModelAdmin

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