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Fixed #249 -- Added our IRC nicks to docs/faq.txt. Good idea, espen

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@@ -64,6 +64,8 @@ Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
Adrian is the lead developer at World Online and the man behind the code at
``_. He lives in Chicago.
+ On IRC, Adrian goes by ``adrian_h``.
`Simon Willison`_
Simon is a well-respected Web developer from England. He had a one-year
internship at World Online, during which time he and Adrian developed
@@ -72,19 +74,25 @@ Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
fault. He went back to university to finish his degree and is poised to
continue doing big, exciting things on the Web. He lives in England.
+ On IRC, Simon goes by ``SimonW``.
`Jacob Kaplan-Moss`_
Jacob is a whipper-snapper from California who spends equal time coding and
cooking. He does Web development for World Online and actively hacks on
various cool side projects. He's contributed to the Python-ObjC bindings and
was the first guy to figure out how to write Tivo apps in Python. Lately
he's been messing with Python on the PSP. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas.
+ On IRC, Jacob goes by ``jacobkm``.
`Wilson Miner`_
Wilson's design-fu makes us all look like rock stars. When not sneaking
- into apartment complex swimming pools he is the Commercial Development
+ into apartment complex swimming pools, he's the Commercial Development
Director for World Online, which means he makes the money that pays all our
paychecks. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas.
+ On IRC, Wilson goes by ``wilsonian``.
.. _`World Online`:
.. _`Adrian Holovaty`:
.. _``:

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