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Fixed #249 -- Added our IRC nicks to docs/faq.txt. Good idea, espen

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10 docs/faq.txt
@@ -64,6 +64,8 @@ Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
Adrian is the lead developer at World Online and the man behind the code at
``_. He lives in Chicago.
+ On IRC, Adrian goes by ``adrian_h``.
`Simon Willison`_
Simon is a well-respected Web developer from England. He had a one-year
internship at World Online, during which time he and Adrian developed
@@ -72,6 +74,8 @@ Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
fault. He went back to university to finish his degree and is poised to
continue doing big, exciting things on the Web. He lives in England.
+ On IRC, Simon goes by ``SimonW``.
`Jacob Kaplan-Moss`_
Jacob is a whipper-snapper from California who spends equal time coding and
cooking. He does Web development for World Online and actively hacks on
@@ -79,12 +83,16 @@ Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
was the first guy to figure out how to write Tivo apps in Python. Lately
he's been messing with Python on the PSP. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas.
+ On IRC, Jacob goes by ``jacobkm``.
`Wilson Miner`_
Wilson's design-fu makes us all look like rock stars. When not sneaking
- into apartment complex swimming pools he is the Commercial Development
+ into apartment complex swimming pools, he's the Commercial Development
Director for World Online, which means he makes the money that pays all our
paychecks. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas.
+ On IRC, Wilson goes by ``wilsonian``.
.. _`World Online`:
.. _`Adrian Holovaty`:
.. _``:

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