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Synced 1.2 release notes with 1.1.2 release notes w.r.t. cookie encod…

…ing, for consistency.

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@@ -240,14 +240,16 @@ status code for the test runner is now 0 for success (no failing tests) and 1
for any number of test failures. If needed, the number of test failures can be
found at the end of the test runner's output.
-Cookie quoting
+Cookie encoding
-Due to bugs and variations in web browsers, we've slightly changed the way that
-cookie values are encoded. Comma (',') and semi-colon (';') now use the same
-octal encoding mechanism that is used for other special characters. If you
-were not previously storing either of these two characters in cookies you are
-not affected.
+To fix bugs with cookies in Internet Explorer, Safari, and possibly other
+browsers, our encoding of cookie values was changed so that the characters
+comma and semi-colon are treated as non-safe characters, and are therefore
+encoded as ``\054`` and ``\073`` respectively. This could produce backwards
+incompatibilities, especially if you are storing comma or semi-colon in
+cookies and have javascript code that parses and manipulates cookie values
.. _deprecated-features-1.2:
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