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Fixes #2384,#2566 -- Clarify the role that TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID…

… plays in the template system, and the problems that can occur if it is used on a production site.

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@@ -212,6 +212,21 @@ template tags. If an invalid variable is provided to one of these template
tags, the variable will be interpreted as ``None``. Filters are always
applied to invalid variables within these template tags.
+.. admonition:: For debug purposes only!
+ While ``TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID`` can be a useful debugging tool,
+ it is a bad idea to turn it on as a 'development default'.
+ Many templates, including those in the Admin site, rely upon the
+ silence of the template system when a non-existent variable is
+ encountered. If you assign a value other than ``''`` to
+ ``TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID``, you will experience rendering
+ problems with these templates and sites.
+ Generally, ``TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID`` should only be enabled
+ in order to debug a specific template problem, then cleared
+ once debugging is complete.
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