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Clarify the m2m intermediary docs a bit.

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@@ -1000,9 +1000,17 @@ There are a few restrictions on the intermediate model:
* Your intermediate model must contain one - and *only* one - foreign key
on the source model (this would be ``Group`` in our example). If you
have more than one foreign key, a validation error will be raised.
- * If the many-to-many relation is a relation on itself, the relationship
- must be non-symmetric.
+ * The only exception to this is a model which has a many-to-many
+ relationship to itself, through an intermediary model. In this
+ case, two foreign keys to the same model are permitted, but they
+ will be treated as the two (different) sides of the many-to-many
+ relation.
+ * When defining a many-to-many relationship from a model to
+ itself, using an intermediary model, you *must* use
+ ``symmetrical=False`` (see the documentation for
+ ``ManyToManyField`` above).
Now that you have set up your ``ManyToManyField`` to use your intermediary
model (Membership, in this case), you're ready to start creating some

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