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Fixed more ReST errors in docs

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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ That's where caching comes in.
To cache something is to save the result of an expensive calculation so that
you don't have to perform the calculation next time. Here's some pseudocode
-explaining how this would work for a dynamically generated Web page:
+explaining how this would work for a dynamically generated Web page::
given a URL, try finding that page in the cache
if the page is in the cache:
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ Django places only two restrictions on model field names:
These limitations can be worked around, though, because your field name doesn't
necessarily have to match your database column name. See `db_column`_ below.
-SQL reserved words, such as ``join``, ``where`` or ``select`, *are* allowed as
+SQL reserved words, such as ``join``, ``where`` or ``select``, *are* allowed as
model field names, because Django escapes all database table names and column
names in every underlying SQL query. It uses the quoting syntax of your
particular database engine.
@@ -894,12 +894,12 @@ Returns a boolean of whether the value's length is the argument.
-Converts newlines into ``<p>`` and ``<br />``s.
+Converts newlines into ``<p>`` and ``<br />`` tags.
-Converts newlines into ``<br />``s.
+Converts newlines into ``<br />`` tags.

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