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Revert "Fixed #20956 -- Removed useless check in django.db.utils"

This reverts commit ce0e86c.

The check is necessary if 'ENGINE' is an empty string.
Thanks apollo13 for pointing this out.
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1 parent 2e926b0 commit 768bbf3efe0c412bced1e865e90139a0f07dc613 @timgraham timgraham committed
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2 django/db/
@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ def ensure_defaults(self, alias):
conn.setdefault('AUTOCOMMIT', False)
conn.setdefault('AUTOCOMMIT', True)
conn.setdefault('ENGINE', 'django.db.backends.dummy')
- if conn['ENGINE'] == 'django.db.backends.':
+ if conn['ENGINE'] == 'django.db.backends.' or not conn['ENGINE']:
conn['ENGINE'] = 'django.db.backends.dummy'
conn.setdefault('CONN_MAX_AGE', 0)
conn.setdefault('OPTIONS', {})

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