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Clarified the reasoning in a comment.

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1 parent 9aa81c5 commit 78dfdd5648d0fc6060e03a2edbe738779d132684 @malcolmt malcolmt committed
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4 django/http/
@@ -84,7 +84,9 @@ def parse_file_upload(header_dict, post_data):
if not name_dict['filename'].strip():
# IE submits the full path, so trim everything but the basename.
- # (We can't use os.path.basename because it expects Linux paths.)
+ # (We can't use os.path.basename because that uses the server's
+ # directory separator, which may not be the same as the
+ # client's one.)
filename = name_dict['filename'][name_dict['filename'].rfind("\\")+1:]
FILES.appendlist(name_dict['name'], {
'filename': filename,

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