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Fixed #12469 - Add a few clarifications to the ModelAdmin.get_urls() …

…docs. Thanks benc for the suggestions.

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@@ -847,13 +847,21 @@ templates used by the :class:`ModelAdmin` views:
return my_urls + urls
+ def my_view(self, request):
+ # custom view which should return an HttpResponse
+ pass
.. note::
Notice that the custom patterns are included *before* the regular admin
URLs: the admin URL patterns are very permissive and will match nearly
anything, so you'll usually want to prepend your custom URLs to the
built-in ones.
+ In this example, ``my_view`` will be accessed at
+ ``/admin/myapp/mymodel/my_view/`` (assuming the admin URLs are included
+ at ``/admin/``.)
However, the ``self.my_view`` function registered above suffers from two

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