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Fixed #9059: Corrected some markup in tutorial 4 that incorrectly id…

…entified a template variable as a function. Thanks to zen for the report.

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freakboy3742 committed Sep 14, 2008
1 parent a8d2810 commit 7931da87ecbce863f5c70b8b6ab4e9fc826fefef
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@@ -268,8 +268,8 @@ context that contains the ``poll`` and ``latest_poll_list`` context variables.
However, the generic views provide the variables ``object`` and ``object_list``
as context. Therefore, you need to change your templates to match the new
context variables. Go through your templates, and modify any reference to
-``latest_poll_list`` to :func:`~django.views.generic.list_detail.object_list`,
-and change any reference to ``poll`` to ``object``.
+``latest_poll_list`` to ``object_list``, and change any reference to ``poll``
+to ``object``.
You can now delete the ``index()``, ``detail()`` and ``results()`` views
from ``polls/``. We don't need them anymore -- they have been replaced

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