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Fixed #1285 -- Fixed bug in docs/db-api.txt. Thanks,

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commit 7a132e275441ba475a9bea988869fb8a8568d513 1 parent 2549b31
Adrian Holovaty authored February 02, 2006

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  1. 2  docs/db-api.txt
2  docs/db-api.txt
@@ -294,7 +294,7 @@ Given an instance of an object, related objects can be looked-up directly using
294 294
 convenience functions. For example, if ``p`` is a ``Poll`` instance,
295 295
 ``p.get_choice_list()`` will return a list of all associated choices. Astute
296 296
 readers will note that this is the same as
-``choices.get_list(``, except clearer.
+``choices.get_list(``, except clearer.
298 298
299 299
 Each type of relationship creates a set of methods on each object in the
300 300
 relationship. These methods are created in both directions, so objects that are

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