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Fixed #8546 -- Fixed error in request-response.txt where we were inco…

…rrectly listing HttpResponse.content() in the 'Methods' section instead of the 'Attributes' section. Thanks, schmichael

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@@ -433,6 +433,14 @@ this is how you might return a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet::
There's nothing Django-specific about the ``Content-Disposition`` header, but
it's easy to forget the syntax, so we've included it here.
+.. attribute:: HttpResponse.content
+ A normal Python string representing the content, encoded from a Unicode
+ object if necessary.
@@ -502,12 +510,6 @@ Methods
values you used in ``set_cookie()`` -- otherwise the cookie may not be
-.. method:: HttpResponse.content()
- Returns the content as a Python string, encoding it from a Unicode object
- if necessary. Note this is a property, not a method, so use ``r.content``
- instead of ``r.content()``.
.. method:: HttpResponse.write(content)
This method makes an :class:`HttpResponse` instance a file-like object.

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