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Tiny tweaks to tutorial02.txt

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@@ -411,14 +411,14 @@ filter options for DateTimeFields: "Any date," "Today," "Past 7 days,"
"This month," "This year." Explore using ``list_filter`` on other types of
-This is shaping up well. Finally, let's add some search capability::
+This is shaping up well. Let's add some search capability::
search_fields = ('question', )
That adds a search box at the top of the change list. When somebody enters
search terms, Django will search the ``question`` field. You can use as many
fields as you'd like -- although because it uses a LIKE query behind the
-scenes, keep it reasonable to mind your database performance.
+scenes, keep it reasonable, to keep your database happy.
Finally, because Poll objects have dates, it'd be convenient to be able to
drill down by date. Add this line::

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