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Expressed the dirty flag handling logic in terms of autocommit.

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commit 7b4815b455fc99a2661492f91f7242cfb09a7017 1 parent cd364ef
@aaugustin aaugustin authored
3  django/db/backends/
@@ -311,7 +311,8 @@ def set_dirty(self):
to decide in a managed block of code to decide whether there are open
changes waiting for commit.
- self._dirty = True
+ if not self.autocommit:
+ self._dirty = True
def set_clean(self):
4 django/db/backends/postgresql_psycopg2/
@@ -202,10 +202,6 @@ def _set_autocommit(self, autocommit):
level = self.isolation_level
- def set_dirty(self):
- if self.transaction_state and self.transaction_state[-1]:
- super(DatabaseWrapper, self).set_dirty()
def check_constraints(self, table_names=None):
To check constraints, we set constraints to immediate. Then, when, we're done we must ensure they
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