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Fixed #16782 -- Corrected a broken cross-reference to the database en…

…gine setting in the tutorial. Thanks to mjumbewu for the report and patch.

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Gabriel Hurley
Gabriel Hurley committed Sep 9, 2011
1 parent 228654d commit 7bca049f1c620cb7e595745607257c774b6c0b2e
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  1. +4 −4 docs/intro/tutorial01.txt
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ code, then run the following command:
.. code-block:: bash startproject mysite
This will create a ``mysite`` directory in your current directory.
.. admonition:: Script name may differ in distribution packages
@@ -173,11 +173,11 @@ module-level variables representing Django settings. Change the
following keys in the :setting:`DATABASES` ``'default'`` item to match
your databases connection settings.
- * :setting:`ENGINE` -- Either
+ * :setting:`ENGINE <DATABASE-ENGINE>` -- Either
``'django.db.backends.mysql'`` or
``'django.db.backends.sqlite3'``. Other backends are
- :setting:`also available <ENGINE>`.
+ :setting:`also available <DATABASE-ENGINE>`.
* :setting:`NAME` -- The name of your database. If you're using
SQLite, the database will be a file on your computer; in that
@@ -692,7 +692,7 @@ Save these changes and start a new Python interactive shell by running
For more information on model relations, see :doc:`Accessing related objects
</ref/models/relations>`. For more on how to use double underscores to perform
-field lookups via the API, see `Field lookups`__. For full details on the
+field lookups via the API, see `Field lookups`__. For full details on the
database API, see our :doc:`Database API reference </topics/db/queries>`.

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