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Removed some ReST links to undocumented functions.

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@@ -1125,12 +1125,12 @@ Miscellaneous
For example, if you use multi-inheritance, you need to define custom primary
key fields on parent models, otherwise the default ``id`` fields will clash.
-* :meth:`~django.utils.translation.parse_accept_lang_header` now returns
+* ``django.utils.translation.parse_accept_lang_header()`` now returns
lowercase locales, instead of the case as it was provided. As locales should
be treated case-insensitive this allows us to speed up locale detection.
-* :meth:`~django.utils.translation.get_language_from_path` and
- :meth:`~django.utils.translation.trans_real.get_supported_language_variant`
+* ``django.utils.translation.get_language_from_path()`` and
+ ``django.utils.translation.trans_real.get_supported_language_variant()``
now no longer have a ``supported`` argument.
.. _deprecated-features-1.7:

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