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Form encoding should be changed only via HttpRequest, not on GET and …



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commit 7c35eee103df3b6f971ef77aa8394c898bf77687 1 parent e7427cb
Malcolm Tredinnick authored July 05, 2007

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  1. 4  docs/unicode.txt
4  docs/unicode.txt
@@ -345,9 +345,7 @@ client.
345 345
346 346
 By default, the ``DEFAULT_CHARSET`` setting is used as the assumed encoding
347 347
 for form data. If you need to change this for a particular form, you can set
-the ``encoding`` attribute on the ``GET`` and ``POST`` data structures. For
-convenience, changing the ``encoding`` property on an ``HttpRequest`` instance
-does this for you. For example::
+the ``encoding`` attribute on an ``HttpRequest`` instance. For example::
351 349
352 350
     def some_view(request):
353 351
         # We know that the data must be encoded as KOI8-R (for some reason).

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