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Removed broken function-based custom test runner in GeoDjango

We forgot to delete it during the 1.4 development cycle.

git-svn-id: bcc190cf-cafb-0310-a4f2-bffc1f526a37
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1 parent cb2fafe commit 7d5979f95386775205a5b825cd2a9ec7d8a311b8 @ramiro ramiro committed
Showing with 0 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +0 −4 django/contrib/gis/tests/
4 django/contrib/gis/tests/
@@ -2,10 +2,6 @@
from django.test.simple import build_suite, DjangoTestSuiteRunner
from django.utils import unittest
-def run_tests(*args, **kwargs):
- from django.test.simple import run_tests as base_run_tests
- return base_run_tests(*args, **kwargs)
def geo_apps(namespace=True, runtests=False):

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