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6 docs/model-api.txt
@@ -869,7 +869,8 @@ relationship should work. All are optional:
(an object with a ``get_sql()`` method) for more complex
- Not compatible with ``edit_inline``.
+ ``limit_choices_to`` has no effect the inline FormSets that
+ are created to display related objects in the admin.
``related_name`` The name to use for the relation from the related
object back to this one. See the
@@ -948,6 +949,9 @@ the relationship should work. All are optional:
``related_name`` See the description under ``ForeignKey`` above.
``limit_choices_to`` See the description under ``ForeignKey`` above.
+ ``limit_choices_to`` has no effect when used on a
+ ``ManyToManyField`` with an intermediate table.
``symmetrical`` Only used in the definition of ManyToManyFields on self.
Consider the following model::

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