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Added a bit to 'Saving ManyToMany Fields' explicitly explaining how t…

…o add multiple relations in one statement

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@@ -113,6 +113,15 @@ method on the field to add a record to the relation. This example adds the
>>> joe = Author.objects.create(name="Joe")
>>> entry.authors.add(joe)
+To add multiple records to a ``ManyToManyField`` in one go, include multiple
+arguments in the call to ``add()``, like this::
+ >>> john = Author.objects.create(name="John")
+ >>> paul = Author.objects.create(name="Paul")
+ >>> george = Author.objects.create(name="George")
+ >>> ringo = Author.objects.create(name="Ringo")
+ >>> entry.authors.add(john, paul, george, ringo)
Django will complain if you try to assign or add an object of the wrong type.
Retrieving objects

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