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Changed the "write your own settings" recommendation to mention that …


uses tuples, but not making it a recommendation. That might head off the endless
tuples vs. lists debates.

Fixed #8846.

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malcolmt committed Oct 5, 2008
1 parent e1b7211 commit 806ea3a1dede8d51df11c2bd9c2f23be95ea6e00
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@@ -160,10 +160,11 @@ There's nothing stopping you from creating your own settings, for your own
Django apps. Just follow these conventions:
* Setting names are in all uppercase.
- * For settings that are sequences, use tuples instead of lists. This is
- purely for performance.
* Don't reinvent an already-existing setting.
+For settings that are sequences, Django itself uses tuples, rather than lists,
+but this is only a convention.
.. _settings-without-django-settings-module:
Using settings without setting DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE

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