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@@ -571,13 +571,11 @@ database settings will the same as they would be for the project normally.
If you wish to use a name other than the default for the test database,
you can use the ``TEST_DATABASE_NAME`` setting to provide a name.
-**New in Django development version:** If you wish to have fine-grained
-control over the character set encoding used in your database, you can control
-this with the ``TEST_DATABASE_CHARSET`` setting. For MySQL users, you can also
-control the particular collation used by the test database with the
-``TEST_DATABASE_COLLATION`` setting. Refer to the settings_ documentation for
-details of these advanced settings.
+**New in Django development version:** For fine-grained control over the
+character encoding of your database, use the ``TEST_DATABASE_CHARSET`` setting.
+If you're using MySQL, you can also use the ``TEST_DATABASE_COLLATION`` setting
+to control the particular collation used by the test database. See the
+settings_ documentation for details of these advanced settings.
.. _settings: ../settings/

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