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@@ -84,10 +84,12 @@ sure a database server is running. Django supports many different database
servers and is officially supported with PostgreSQL_, MySQL_, Oracle_ and
-It is common practice to use SQLite in a desktop development environment.
-Unless you need database feature parity between your desktop development
-environment and your deployment environment, using SQLite for development is
-generally the simplest option as it doesn't require running a separate server.
+If you are developing a simple project or something you don't plan to deploy
+in a production environment, SQLite is generally the simplest option as it
+doesn't require running a separate server. However, SQLite has many differences
+from other databases, so if you are working on something substantial, it's
+recommended to develop with the same database as you plan on using in
In addition to the officially supported databases, there are backends provided
by 3rd parties that allow you to use other databases with Django:

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