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`Jannis Leidel`_
Jannis graduated in media design from `Bauhaus-University Weimar`_,
is the author of a number of pluggable Django apps and likes to
- contribute to Open Source projects like Pinax_. He currently works as
- a freelance Web developer and designer.
+ contribute to Open Source projects like virtualenv_ and pip_.
+ He has worked on Django's auth, admin and staticfiles apps as well as
+ the form, core, internationalization and test systems. He currently works
+ as the lead engineer at Gidsy_.
Jannis lives in Berlin, Germany.
.. _Jannis Leidel:
.. _Bauhaus-University Weimar:
-.. _pinax:
+.. _virtualenv:
+.. _pip:
+.. _Gidsy:
`James Tauber`_
James is the lead developer of Pinax_ and the CEO and founder of

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