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Fixed #7191 -- Removed leading slashes in description of the pattern…

…s that a URLconf checks when GET data is present. Thanks, andrews.

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freakboy3742 committed May 29, 2008
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@@ -157,10 +157,10 @@ The URLconf searches against the requested URL, as a normal Python string. This
does not include GET or POST parameters, or the domain name.
For example, in a request to ````, the URLconf
-will look for ``/myapp/``.
+will look for ``myapp/``.
In a request to ````, the URLconf will look
-for ``/myapp/``.
+for ``myapp/``.
The URLconf doesn't look at the request method. In other words, all request
methods -- ``POST``, ``GET``, ``HEAD``, etc. -- will be routed to the same

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