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Fixed #2958 -- Pointed out in docs/modpython.txt that we use <Locatio…

…n> instead of <Directory>

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@@ -43,6 +43,11 @@ This tells Apache: "Use mod_python for any URL at or under '/mysite/', using the
Django mod_python handler." It passes the value of ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE``
so mod_python knows which settings to use.
+Note that we're using the ``<Location>`` directive, not the ``<Directory>``
+directive. The latter is used for pointing at places on your filesystem,
+whereas ``<Location>`` points at places in the URL structure of a Web site.
+``<Directory>`` would be meaningless here.
Also, if you've manually altered your ``PYTHONPATH`` to put your Django project
on it, you'll need to tell mod_python::

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