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Changed generic admin changelist to order by ID if no other ordering …

…is specified, rather than raising a scary exception

git-svn-id: bcc190cf-cafb-0310-a4f2-bffc1f526a37
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adrianholovaty committed Jul 16, 2005
1 parent cfcf3ca commit 82f04688014ff309e1744d76f0cc09ad69fc8db8
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  1. +6 −3 django/views/admin/
@@ -99,12 +99,15 @@ def change_list(request, app_label, module_name):
if params.has_key(PAGE_VAR):
del params[PAGE_VAR]
# For ordering, first check the "ordering" parameter in the admin options,
# then check the object's default ordering. Finally, look for manually-
# specified ordering from the query string.
# then check the object's default ordering. If neither of those exist,
# order descending by ID by default. Finally, look for manually-specified
# ordering from the query string.
if lookup_opts.admin.ordering is not None:
order_field, order_type = lookup_opts.admin.ordering
elif lookup_opts.ordering:
order_field, order_type = lookup_opts.ordering[0]
order_field, order_type =, 'DESC'
if params.has_key(ORDER_VAR):
order_key = int(params[ORDER_VAR])

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