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[1.4.X] Added documentation notes about lack of database savepoints s…

…upport when using MySQL+MyISAM.

Refs #15507 and r17341.

Backport of r17923.

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@@ -148,6 +148,8 @@ procedures, but Django currently doesn't use stored procedures.
.. _MySQL 4.1:
.. _MySQL 5.0:
+.. _mysql-storage-engines:
Storage engines
@@ -360,6 +362,21 @@ via the :class:`~django.db.models.Options.db_table` parameter.
.. _known issues:
+Both the Django ORM and MySQL (when using the InnoDB :ref:`storage engine
+<mysql-storage-engines>`) support database :ref:`savepoints
+<topics-db-transactions-savepoints>`, but this feature wasn't available in
+Django until version 1.4 when such supports was added.
+If you use the MyISAM storage engine please be aware of the fact that you will
+receive database-generated errors if you try to use the :ref:`savepoint-related
+methods of the transactions API <topics-db-transactions-savepoints>`. The reason
+for this is that detecting the storage engine of a MySQL database/table is an
+expensive operation so it was decided it isn't worth to dynamically convert
+these methods in no-op's based in the results of such detection.
Notes on specific fields

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