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@@ -30,8 +30,9 @@ If you'd like to start contributing to our docs, get the development version of
Django from the source code repository
(see :ref:`installing-development-version`). The development version has the
latest-and-greatest documentation, just as it has latest-and-greatest code.
-Generally, we only revise documentation in the development version, as our
-policy is to freeze documentation for existing releases (see
+We also backport documentation fixes and improvements, at the discretion of the
+committer, to the last release branch. That's because it's highly advantageous
+to have the docs for the last release be up-to-date and correct (see
Getting started with Sphinx
@@ -216,15 +216,13 @@ We follow this policy:
"New in version X.Y", being X.Y the next release version (hence, the one
being developed).
-* Documentation for a particular Django release is frozen once the version
- has been released officially. It remains a snapshot of the docs as of the
- moment of the release. We will make exceptions to this rule in
- the case of retroactive security updates or other such retroactive
- changes. Once documentation is frozen, we add a note to the top of each
- frozen document that says "These docs are frozen for Django version XXX"
- and links to the current version of that document.
+* Documentation fixes and improvements may be backported to the last release
+ branch, at the discretion of the committer, however, once a version of
+ Django is :ref:`no longer supported<backwards-compatibility-policy>`, that
+ version of the docs won't get any further updates.
* The `main documentation Web page`_ includes links to documentation for
- all previous versions.
+ all previous versions. Be sure you are using the version of the docs
+ corresponding to the version of Django you are using!
.. _main documentation Web page:

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