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Added link to server-arrangements page from docs/install.txt. Thanks,…

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@@ -21,14 +21,15 @@ See `How to use Django with mod_python`_ for information on how to configure
mod_python once you have it installed.
If you can't use mod_python for some reason, fear not: Django follows the WSGI_
-spec, which allows it to run on a variety of server platforms. As people
-experiment with different server platforms, we'll update this document to
-give specific installation instructions for each platform.
+spec, which allows it to run on a variety of server platforms. See the
+`server-arrangements wiki page`_ for specific installation instructions for
+each platform.
.. _Apache:
.. _mod_python:
.. _WSGI:
.. _How to use Django with mod_python:
+.. _server-arrangements wiki page:
Get your database running
@@ -37,11 +38,6 @@ If you plan to use Django's database API functionality, you'll need to
make sure a database server is running. Django works with PostgreSQL_
(recommended), MySQL_ and SQLite_.
-Note that support for MySQL and SQLite is a recent development, and Django
-hasn't been comprehensively tested in those environments. If you find any bugs
-in Django's MySQL or SQLite bindings, please file them in
-`Django's ticket system`_ so we can fix them immediately.
Additionally, you'll need to make sure your Python database bindings are

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