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Fixed test breakage following test-settings enhancements

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1 parent 0615eaf commit 84c137490bad9043279278524bf958da8fb69fae @shaib shaib committed Mar 9, 2014
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@@ -209,6 +209,9 @@ def prepare_test_settings(self, alias):
"to a %s entry in the TEST setting" % (key, new_key),
RemovedInDjango19Warning, stacklevel=2)
test_settings[new_key] = value
+ for key in conn.keys():
+ if key.startswith('TEST_'):
+ del conn[key]
# Check that they didn't just use the old name with 'TEST_' removed
for key, new_key in six.iteritems(self.TEST_SETTING_RENAMES):
if key in test_settings:

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