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[1.2.X] Updated an old workaround described in the Oracle backend not…

…es with more modern advice.

Backport of r14637 from trunk.

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ikelly committed Nov 20, 2010
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@@ -650,9 +650,9 @@ some limitations on the usage of such LOB columns in general:
* LOB columns may not be used in a ``SELECT DISTINCT`` list. This means that
attempting to use the ``QuerySet.distinct`` method on a model that
includes ``TextField`` columns will result in an error when run against
- Oracle. A workaround to this is to keep ``TextField`` columns out of any
- models that you foresee performing ``distinct()`` queries on, and to
- include the ``TextField`` in a related model instead.
+ Oracle. As a workaround, use the ``QuerySet.defer`` method in conjunction
+ with ``distinct()`` to prevent ``TextField`` columns from being included in
+ the ``SELECT DISTINCT`` list.
.. _third-party-notes:

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