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Fixes #17578. Improve setup instructions for Windows users.

Thanks Pariksheet Nanda for the report and zsiciarz for the patch.

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@@ -24,6 +24,15 @@ probably already have it installed.
.. _jython:
+.. admonition:: Python on Windows
+ On Windows, you might need to adjust your ``PATH`` environment variable
+ to include paths to Python executable and additional scripts. For example,
+ if your Python is installed in ``C:\Python27\``, the following paths need
+ to be added to ``PATH``::
+ C:\Python27\;C:\Python27\Scripts;
Install Apache and mod_wsgi
@@ -210,7 +219,7 @@ Installing an official release
4. If you're using Linux, Mac OS X or some other flavor of Unix, enter
the command ``sudo python install`` at the shell prompt.
If you're using Windows, start up a command shell with administrator
- privileges and run the command `` install``.
+ privileges and run the command ``python install``.
These commands will install Django in your Python installation's
``site-packages`` directory.

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