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[1.5.X] Fixed #19154 - Noted commit_manually requires commit/rollback…

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Thanks als for the report.

Backport of 620e0bb from master
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@@ -161,8 +161,12 @@ managers, too.
transactions. It tells Django you'll be managing the transaction on your
- If your view changes data and doesn't ``commit()`` or ``rollback()``,
- Django will raise a ``TransactionManagementError`` exception.
+ Whether you are writing or simply reading from the database, you must
+ ``commit()`` or ``rollback()`` explicitly or Django will raise a
+ :exc:`TransactionManagementError` exception. This is required when reading
+ from the database because ``SELECT`` statements may call functions which
+ modify tables, and thus it is impossible to know if any data has been
+ modified.
Manual transaction management looks like this::

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