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Added backwards incompatibility note for refs #22845; refs #23082.

Thanks Kyle Owens for the report.
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@@ -1405,6 +1405,16 @@ Miscellaneous
method that is registered with the check framework. If you have an existing
method called ``check()`` on one of these objects, you will need to rename it.
+* As noted above in the "Cache" section of "Minor Features", defining the
+ :setting:`TIMEOUT <CACHES-TIMEOUT>` argument of the
+ :setting:`CACHES` setting as ``None`` will set the cache keys as
+ "non-expiring". Previously, with the memcache backend, a
+ :setting:`TIMEOUT <CACHES-TIMEOUT>` of ``0`` would set non-expiring keys,
+ but this was inconsistent with the set-and-expire (i.e. no caching) behavior
+ of ``set("key", "value", timeout=0)``. If you want non-expiring keys,
+ please update your settings to use ``None`` instead of ``0`` as the latter
+ now designates set-and-expire in the settings as well.
.. _deprecated-features-1.7:
Features deprecated in 1.7

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