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[2.0.x] Removed note in tutorial about bypassing

This isn't relevant for beginners.

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timgraham committed Jan 12, 2018
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@@ -381,28 +381,6 @@ We're using this instead of simply typing "python", because :file:``
sets the ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE`` environment variable, which gives Django
the Python import path to your :file:`mysite/` file.
-.. admonition:: Bypassing
- If you'd rather not use :file:``, no problem. Just set the
- :envvar:`DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE` environment variable to
- ``mysite.settings``, start a plain Python shell, and set up Django:
- .. code-block:: pycon
- >>> import django
- >>> django.setup()
- If this raises an :exc:`AttributeError`, you're probably using
- a version of Django that doesn't match this tutorial version. You'll want
- to either switch to the older tutorial or the newer Django version.
- You must run ``python`` from the same directory :file:`` is in,
- or ensure that directory is on the Python path, so that ``import mysite``
- works.
- For more information on all of this, see the :doc:`django-admin
- documentation </ref/django-admin>`.
Once you're in the shell, explore the :doc:`database API </topics/db/queries>`::
>>> from polls.models import Question, Choice # Import the model classes we just wrote.

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