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.. _Tutorial 2: ../tutorial02/
+**New in Django development version**
+Creates a superuser account (a user who has all permissions). This is
+useful if you need to create an initial superuser account but did not
+do so during ``syncdb``, or if you need to programmatically generate
+superuser accounts for your site(s).
+When run interactively, this command will prompt for a password for
+the new superuser account; when run non-interactively, no password
+will be set and the superuser account will not be able to log in until
+a password has been manually set for it.
+The username and e-mail address for the new account can be supplied by
+using the ``--username`` and ``--email`` arguments on the command
+line; if not supplied, ``createsuperuser`` will prompt for them when
+running interactively.
createcachetable <tablename>

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