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Revert "[1.5.x] Silenced last sporadic failure on 1.5."

This reverts commit 6a708cd.

Reverted since it only moved the failures to some other tests and it apperently
only worked by accident. Patched selenium for now to include:
which seems to be the root cause for sporadic extra requests to the live server,
which then cause all sorts of issues.
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1 parent 72f7932 commit 87c8de2a06433a6d87a85a8f79e378feafa5ed46 @apollo13 apollo13 committed Sep 18, 2013
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  1. +0 −6 tests/regressiontests/forms/tests/
@@ -1116,12 +1116,6 @@ def test_textarea_trailing_newlines(self):
article = Article.objects.get(
# Should be "\nTst\n" after #19251 is fixed
self.assertEqual(article.content, "\r\nTst\r\n")
- # So now it's becoming obscure; we do have threading issues here, so this
- # test fails sometimes for sqlite, I could only ever witness it on jenkins.
- # As long as 1.5 is supported we manually "fix" this test by quitting
- # selenium. No idea why closing the browser window isn't enough, but hey…
- self.selenium.quit()
- delattr(self.__class__, 'selenium')

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