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Added a note to the SQLite database documentation mentioning that ver…

…sion 3.6.2

is to be avoided like the plague. Fortunately, it was only the latest release
for three weeks, so avoidance is easy (as is upgrading).

Refs #9358.

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@@ -249,6 +249,9 @@ matter unless you're printing out the field values and are expecting to see
SQLite notes
+Versions prior to 3.3.6
Versions of SQLite 3.3.5 and older `contain a bug`_ when handling ``ORDER BY``
parameters. This can cause problems when you use the ``select`` parameter for
the ``extra()`` QuerySet method. The bug can be identified by the error message
@@ -278,6 +281,17 @@ If you are in such platform and find yourself in the need to update
attempts to import ``pysqlite2`` before than ``sqlite3`` and so it can take
advantage of the new ``pysqlite2``/SQLite versions.
+Version 3.6.2
+SQLite version 3.6.2 (released August 30, 2008) introduced a bug into ``SELECT
+DISTINCT`` handling that is triggered by, amongst other things, Django's
+``DateQuerySet`` (returned by the ``dates()`` method on a queryset).
+You should avoid using this version of SQLite with Django. Either upgrade to
+3.6.3 (released September 22, 2008) or later, or downgrade to an earlier
+version of SQLite.
.. _oracle-notes:
Oracle notes

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