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Added ManyToManyField filter doesn't display question to FAQ

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@@ -364,6 +364,16 @@ If you're sure your username and password are correct, make sure your user
account has ``is_active`` and ``is_staff`` set to True. The admin site only
allows access to users with those two fields both set to True.
+My "list_filter" contains a ManyToManyField, but the filter doesn't display.
+Django won't bother displaying the filter for a ManyToManyField if there are
+fewer than two related objects.
+For example, if your ``list_filter`` includes ``sites``, and there's only one
+site in your database, it won't display a "Site" filter. In that case,
+filtering by site would be meaningless.
How can I customize the functionality of the admin interface?

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