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Added some documentation explaining (1) that it's possible to add use…

…rs via the Django admin site, and (2) that in order to be able to add users via the admin site, you need to have both 'add user' and 'change user' permissions. Refs #9866

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@@ -292,6 +292,21 @@ that comes with Django::
>>> user.is_staff = True
+You can also create users using the Django admin site. Assuming you've enabled
+the admin site and hooked it to the URL ``/admin/``, the "Add user" page is at
+``/admin/auth/user/add/``. You should also see a link to "Users" in the "Auth"
+section of the main admin index page. The "Add user" admin page is different
+than standard admin pages in that it requires you to choose a username and
+password before allowing you to edit the rest of the user's fields.
+Also note: if you want your own user account to be able to create users using
+the Django admin site, you'll need to give yourself permission to add users
+*and* change users (i.e., the "Add user" and "Change user" permissions). If
+your account has permission to add users but not to change them, you won't be
+able to add users. Why? Because if you have permission to add users, you have
+the power to create superusers, which can then, in turn, change other users. So
+Django requires add *and* change permissions as a slight security measure.
Changing passwords

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