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Fixed #20691 -- Added a note for __str__() vs. __unicode__() and Pyth…

…on 3.

Thanks garrison for the suggestion.
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7 docs/ref/unicode.txt
@@ -240,6 +240,13 @@ Django will convert it to Unicode when it needs to.
Choosing between ``__str__()`` and ``__unicode__()``
+.. note::
+ If you are on Python 3, you can skip this section because you'll always
+ create ``__str__()`` rather than ``__unicode__()``. If you'd like
+ compatibility with Python 2, you can decorate your model class with
+ :func:`~django.utils.encoding.python_2_unicode_compatible`.
One consequence of using Unicode by default is that you have to take some care
when printing data from the model.
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