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Removed unneeded index check in LineString._set_single() as index is …

…already checked in __getitem__().

Unneeded since its introduction in 66e1670.
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sir-sigurd authored and timgraham committed Jul 13, 2017
1 parent ce834d0 commit 8ab2ae44045478f7ece696385f432fe83f84e4c0
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  1. +0 −1 django/contrib/gis/geos/
@@ -122,7 +122,6 @@ def _set_list(self, length, items):
raise GEOSException('Geometry resulting from slice deletion was invalid.')
def _set_single(self, index, value):
- self._checkindex(index)
self._cs[index] = value
def _checkdim(self, dim):

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