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Deprecate two methods (which I seriously doubt anyone ever used, but …

…they were documented so...) because they cannot be implemented efficiently on top of collections.SortedDict in Python 2.7 and up.
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1 parent 9877d25 commit 8b3c2f2c51183bde47bd1e98057b77866f35dd6e @alex alex committed Jul 14, 2012
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9 django/utils/
@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
import copy
+import warning
mariocesar added a line comment Jul 15, 2012

This change is breaking django, using Python 2.7.2+

ImportError: No module named warning

Call me crazy, but I think the correct module name is warnings

Django member
alex added a line comment Jul 15, 2012

Well, that's emberassing. Fixed in the next commit.

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from types import GeneratorType
class MergeDict(object):
A simple class for creating new "virtual" dictionaries that actually look
@@ -191,10 +193,17 @@ def setdefault(self, key, default):
def value_for_index(self, index):
"""Returns the value of the item at the given zero-based index."""
+ # This, and insert() are deprecated because they cannot be implemented
+ # using collections.OrderedDict (Python 2.7 and up), which we'll
+ # eventually switch to
+ warning.warn(PendingDeprecationWarning,
+ "SortedDict.value_for_index is deprecated", stacklevel=2)
return self[self.keyOrder[index]]
def insert(self, index, key, value):
"""Inserts the key, value pair before the item with the given index."""
+ warning.warn(PendingDeprecationWarning,
+ "SortedDict.insert is deprecated", stacklevel=2)
if key in self.keyOrder:
n = self.keyOrder.index(key)
del self.keyOrder[n]
4 docs/ref/utils.txt
@@ -112,10 +112,14 @@ to distinguish caches by the ``Accept-language`` header.
.. method:: insert(index, key, value)
+ .. deprecated:: 1.5
Inserts the key, value pair before the item with the given index.
.. method:: value_for_index(index)
+ .. deprecated:: 1.5
Returns the value of the item at the given zero-based index.
Creating a new SortedDict

1 comment on commit 8b3c2f2


I am one of the few people who was apparently using SortedDict.insert() - to dynamically add form fields at a particular position in a forms.ModelForm.__init__().

The argument order to warnings.warn() is incorrect. It should be warnings.warn(message[, category[, stacklevel]]) ( As it stands, instead of throwing a warning, it throws an exception:

TypeError: issubclass() arg 1 must be a class

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