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Added command line flag to disable use of auto-reloader on developmen…

…t server.

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1 parent 9bea530 commit 8c705f02a9fa7c912eb5beb907f767936d36c68c @freakboy3742 freakboy3742 committed Jul 14, 2006
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  1. +10 −5 django/core/
15 django/core/
@@ -1024,7 +1024,7 @@ def _check_for_validation_errors(app=None):
-def runserver(addr, port):
+def runserver(addr, port, use_reloader=True):
"Starts a lightweight Web server for development."
from django.core.servers.basehttp import run, AdminMediaHandler, WSGIServerException
from django.core.handlers.wsgi import WSGIHandler
@@ -1058,9 +1058,12 @@ def inner_run():
except KeyboardInterrupt:
- from django.utils import autoreload
- autoreload.main(inner_run)
-runserver.args = '[optional port number, or ipaddr:port]'
+ if use_reloader:
+ from django.utils import autoreload
+ autoreload.main(inner_run)
+ else:
+ inner_run()
+runserver.args = '[--noreload] [optional port number, or ipaddr:port]'
def createcachetable(tablename):
"Creates the table needed to use the SQL cache backend"
@@ -1209,6 +1212,8 @@ def execute_from_command_line(action_mapping=DEFAULT_ACTION_MAPPING, argv=None):
help='Lets you manually add a directory the Python path, e.g. "/home/djangoprojects/myproject".')
parser.add_option('--plain', action='store_true', dest='plain',
help='Tells Django to use plain Python, not IPython, for "shell" command.')
+ parser.add_option('--noreload', action='store_false', dest='use_reloader', default=True,
+ help='Tells Django to NOT use the auto-reloader when running the development server.')
options, args = parser.parse_args(argv[1:])
# Take care of options.
@@ -1264,7 +1269,7 @@ def execute_from_command_line(action_mapping=DEFAULT_ACTION_MAPPING, argv=None):
addr, port = args[1].split(':')
except ValueError:
addr, port = '', args[1]
- action_mapping[action](addr, port)
+ action_mapping[action](addr, port, options.use_reloader)
elif action == 'runfcgi':

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